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Timeblue: My son is a golfer, and I play the odd round with him (he has a decent set of clubs and I have a £70 set of dunlops!) Oct 7, 2020 17:05:05 GMT
lasttrain929: I bought a pretty decent set, I can slice it twice as far now.... Oct 7, 2020 21:13:06 GMT
johnr: my brother lives in brussels and last week pulled a set of clubs and a bag from a skip, took theem home and discovered theyre rtailed at 5000 euros per club! he has a full set of ten! 24k gold plated hand made in japan!! Oct 8, 2020 0:26:17 GMT
johnr: funniest thing is, he loves his golf but is left handed so he cant use them..... Oct 8, 2020 0:26:44 GMT
johnr: no idea what it means but apparently theyre 'honma twin marks 3 star'. tbh id be more interested if he found an abandoned honda in a skip, golf leaves me cold! still, nice to get for free! Oct 8, 2020 0:42:27 GMT
Horacewimp: Great story you brother needs to buy a lottery ticket as well while his luck is in. Oct 8, 2020 8:02:08 GMT
Timeblue: If he doesn't want them, I'll take them off his hands.... Oct 8, 2020 13:06:55 GMT
orioles70: there must be a good story behind those clubs winding up in the bin Oct 8, 2020 17:39:53 GMT
vlogdance: Jeff Lynne OBE! Oct 9, 2020 22:36:17 GMT
orioles70: Congratulations to Jeff! now what does that stand for: official British export? Overly Brummie Elocution? Omniscient Beatles Enthusiast? kidding aside, how high an honor is it? Oct 9, 2020 23:07:24 GMT
Timeblue: It's higher than an MBE but below a CBE if that helps! Oct 10, 2020 8:45:52 GMT
Timeblue: Oct 10, 2020 8:47:33 GMT
orioles70: Thanks for the link @timblue. You Brits have some overly fancy names for things - "The system is overseen by the Cabinet Office Honours and Appointments Secretariat". I like how the public can submit suggestions - did any forum members nominate Jeff Oct 11, 2020 13:04:01 GMT
Timeblue: You can guarantee that Bev didn't.... Oct 11, 2020 18:49:29 GMT
kingofthehours2: thanks go the link from the Bug Club - Secret Messages is on the Discovery site but not BOP - no worries and thanks for replying Oct 11, 2020 22:09:32 GMT
Timeblue: The ghosts are back.... Oct 30, 2020 9:05:54 GMT
Helmut83: Happy Halloween to all of you Americans (and to anyone else who celebrates it)! Oct 30, 2020 20:06:01 GMT
BSJ: ::Roy Wood:: Oct 30, 2020 22:37:28 GMT
dillwyn: it was a celtic festival samhain way before the us sugar companies got hold of it Oct 30, 2020 22:53:51 GMT
Helmut83: Oh, sorry about my ignorance, . For some reason I've always related more to the US than to celtic peoples, probably because our TV feeds us way more on the former than on the latter (although it's no excuse for not having done my own homework). Oct 31, 2020 5:25:20 GMT